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Installing the WiKID PC software token is pretty straight-forward.  If you use one of the jar files, you can run it using 'java -jar wikidtoken-x.x.x.jar'.  These instructions are for the Installers for Windows.  

  First,  download the token.  Double click on the installer file to start.

PC software token start install


Click Next:

install softare token

Click Next:

GPL software token license

Click Install (do not change the location, unless you know what you are doing):

location for software token

You will see it installing:

software token installing

And then it will complete:

Boom. Done

Now, start your token.   On Windows, just start typing 'wikid' and it will come up or use the Start menu.  The first time you start the token, you will be prompted to create a passphrase.  This passphrase secures the token on your PC.  The next time you start the token, you will be asked for this passphrase.  If you forget it, you will need to re-register your domains.  If you enter the wrong password 5 times, you will be asked if you want to delete the token and start over. That process allows you to re-set your passphrase, but it deletes your domains for obvious security reasons.

secure the token with a passphrase

Once the passphrase is set, choose "Actions/Create New Domain.

add server / domain code to token for key exchange

The WiKID administrator for your organization should have provided you with a 12 digit code.  Enter it here.

You will be prompted to set a PIN.  You will enter this PIN each time you want to get an one-time passcode (OTP) from the WiKID server.

Set your PIN, the what you know.

You will  get a registration code back from the WiKID server.  It will be copied to the clipboard automatically (as will OTPs).  Your WiKID administrator needs this registration code to associate your new token with your username on the WIKID Server.   If you have questions about that, please contact your IT staff as they  may have particular requirements of which we are not aware. 

Registration code.

Once you are registered on the server, your OTPs will be validated.