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Our on-premises two-factor authentication server is available as a Linux package for RedHat, Centos, Fedora & Ubuntu; an ISO for virtual appliances (or bare metal!); a Virtualbox image. Please see our installation documentation. You must install both the Server and the Utilities packages. Please verify the provided MD5Sums.

Recommended: Download the wikid-enterprise-6.0.2-b2320-install.iso (c79cc919f35a3920653a2c6b8f455455). The ISO is a complete operating system with all the needed packages. It is based on Rocky 9, but no Linux knowledge is required. Use this to build your virtual (or real) two-factor authentication appliance. It is 64 bit. NB: Known issue. Please do not upgrade java for the time being.

If you are upgrading from an older version of WiKID, please download the migrator.jar and follow the instructions on upgrading your server.

Download RPMS: We now have two RPMs - version 5 for older installs and 6 for newer installs (Rocky 9). We will maintain 5 for our existing customers.

Server RPM: wikid-server-enterprise-5.3.2.b2537-1.noarch.rpm (b253bcb0c6822b7ad28dfb35e7bec0d7).

Server RPM: wikid-server-enterprise-6.1.0.b2321-1.noarch.rpm (50b8735ad1a18764d98b015d49a48d62).

WiKID Utilities: Centos/RHEL EL7/8 (a80032fd2bd967e03a109bb80c969ed7).

WiKID Utilities: Centos/RHEL EL9 (99a775b5d9bbfb53b9eeddfa30c8a33d).

Download DEBs: NB: Debs for Version 6 will be out soon. wikid-server-enterprise_5.2.2-b2102-1.deb (0f2a69b8afa2811c167532c9ab717219) and WiKID Utilities (bc60426f821746b9bb5d2c281d24f279).

See the Changelogs

After downloading the WiKID two-factor authentication server, please see the Installation documentation.